cezar & candy - سزار کندی

Have a stronger and healthier pet with the C&C brand

Cezar & Candy Factory is the first and largest pet food factory under German license in Iran. Our specialized and experienced team, using a well-equipped laboratory and an advanced production line, after conducting research projects, has succeeded in producing various products with the highest international standards, and hopes to be able to provide delicious food in this direction. And healthy, bring happiness to your pet. Quality has always been our main goal in all stages of production and the C&C team's mesh line is the use of organic raw materials and a variety of essential vitamins and supplements. This adjusts the necessary diet of the animal according to breed, weight and age, which by maintaining the health and happiness of these animals, we also provide comfort to you dear ones.

غذا حیوانات، غذای سگ، غذای گربه - سزار کندی

Production and presentation of the best and most complete pet food

The C&C team consists of a team of veterinarians, animal lovers and experts, who have come together to improve the quality of dog, cat and fish feed. At C&C, we believe in making a huge difference in the industry by producing quality, healthy and high quality food.

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